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Living In Alignment 

Research shows that our programming and personality begins to form from the time in our mother's womb, and even at the state of our parents during the time of our conception.

The Life that you live today is a result of everything you have picked up and internalized since then!

All of this information and so much more lives in the consciousness of your boy and energy field.

Whatever changes you want to live in life, you can either work on each field and topic - or... you can access the wisdom of the body mind and get direct access to the root cause, and create a shift which goes beyond what you can imagine, touching all aspects of life!


You can consciously choose and design your life.

You can go from autopilot to soulful and intentional, and it's much easier than you can imagine!


Working together, we will find the energetic blockages by finding emotions and words (which will show us limiting patterns) and where they weaken the body.
We will find them by direct feedback from your body (muscle testing) or by pendulum if we're working together online.

For best results:
It has taken you a lifetime to be where you are now in life.
Change doesn't have to take the same amount of time : )
But it is a process and it does take time.
As you're shifting, it helps to have someone support and guide you along the way and provide with new tools.

Working together during 3 or 6 months allows for life changing shifts and transformations.
The work is always customized and guided by the wisdom of your body-mind.
For more information on working together - book a free consultation call.




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